Florida Amendment 9 Passes: Voters Approve Ban on Offshore Drilling in Florida State Waters

Florida Passes Amendment 9:

With support of 68% of voters,  Florida Amendment 9 was approved and will amend the state constitution to ban offshore oil and gas drilling. Bundled with a prohibition on e-cigarette use in indoor workplaces, this amendment bans drilling for oil or gas in Florida’s state territorial waters.

The FGCBC is pleased with the passage of Florida Amendment 9 which further highlights Floridians’ opposition to offshore drilling.  While we celebrate this important step towards protecting our coastal economies, the fight against dangerous offshore drilling continues.  As the federal government continues pushing it’s plan to expand offshore drilling, the threat of federal offshore leases still exists. The FGCBC will continue to serve as a unified business voice for the business community in protecting Florida’s Gulf Coast.