Victory for Florida’s Gulf Coast – Message from FGCBC Chair, Robin Miller

Gulf Coast Business Coalition Members (GCBC): 

First, I hope you are all fairing as best you can if not better through these ever changing days and months.

The GCBC sends gratitude for your participation and endurance on the advocacy against further expansion/exploration of Offshore Drilling off the Gulf Coast of Florida.  As a result of COVID we have not only been focussed on pandemic items, but have also been behind the scenes continuing to advocate through media, written op – eds and meetings on behalf of each and everyone of your businesses.   Your coalition is sensitive to the pandemic environment and know you each have responsibilities to your own direct businesses.  In addition to your support, the help from the team at Oceana and volunteers; GCBC is proud that our voices are being heard.

With cautious optimism from this month’s news from the President on the “memorandum” we push ahead.  This news sheds some light not only for the Gulf Coast, but our friends that formed before us in the Atlantic Coast.  We must not stop now – we need to charge ahead.! 

Now is the time to be a bright light on the heels of this message.  We must continue to call out that this memorandum is a step closer for a non partisan solution to this continuous battle.  This we hope will make it harder to go backward and encourage a forward united movement.

Thank you for your time, you can reach me via email: 

Robin Miller
President & CEO, Tampa Bay Beaches Chamber of Commerce 
Chair, Florida Gulf Coast Business Coalition
FGCBC Members and Oceana staff advocating for protections against offshore drilling on Capitol Hill.
Below is the Presidential Memorandum that outlines the withdraw of the Eastern Gulf of Mexico: 

Link to Presidential Memo:

Overview of the Order

On September 8th, the Trump Administration formally withdrew all waters adjacent to Florida, Georgia and South Carolina from offshore oil drilling for ten years.

The effective date is July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2032.This extends the current Congressional moratorium off Florida’s Gulf Coast and adds protects the South Atlantic and Straits of Florida Planning Areas.   

This Presidential withdraw is the same authority used by the Obama administration to protect much of the Arctic and Atlantic Canyons. The difference here is that the Trump administration’s action is for 10 years versus in perpetuity.