Steps to Pass A Resolution in your City or Town

Step 1: Identify your targets

  • Is the Mayor more likely to be receptive, or should you try reaching out to a  councilmember/city commissioner? Consider the priorities of each official, their voting records, how responsive they are to constituent requests, and what message will resonate with them.

Step 2: Compile contact information for the elected officials

  • Contact info should be on the town/city website.

Step 3: Send an introductory email and/or letter

  • Be succinct, but make sure you show them why you care.
  • Make the “ask” —”I would like to encourage you to join the growing movement of coastal communities who are speaking out against new offshore drilling. In our state of Florida, there have been over 65 resolutions passed opposing offshore drilling. Would you be willing to bring this issue up at our next council meeting?”

Step 4: Make a follow-up call

  • Make the “ask” and offer to connect them with a member of the Florida Gulf Coast Business Coalition’s Steering Committee.

Step 5: Write the resolution

  • Follow this template to write your own resolution opposing new offshore drilling.

Step 6: Get on the next meeting’s agenda and make a brief presentation

  • Bring friends, family, fellow members of the business community, etc. so you can show that there is support for passing a resolution.

Step 7: City/Town Council will vote on the resolution that night, or move to vote at the next meeting

  • Both happen, so be prepared for either result. If the Council moves to vote at the next meeting, don’t be discouraged; now you have a few more weeks to provide them with any additional information they need to ensure that they vote in our favor.

Step 8: City/Town Council passes the resolution

  • Congratulations! This is great news. Be sure to spread the word on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Remember to send us a copy of the resolution so we can add it to our website.